Peter Everett

peterHello everyone my name is Peter Everett (remember me from the old days of TV? most recently “ready steady cook”. also, I spent 10 years over at channel 9 working on the renovation shows with Scotty Cam and miss Deborah Hutton)

I’ve been seeing Sala for (more…)

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Goes straight to the heart (Journalist 53yr)

I’ve been seeing Sala for kinesiology for a few years now and am pleased to report ongoing improvements in my outlook, confidence and self regard. Issues which have concerned me have moved from work relationships to being able to concentrate and deal more deeply way closer more intimate relationships. Sala goes straight to the heart of the issues and emotions which lay beneath many nagging physical aches and pains. Highly recommended for anyone with physical and anxiety issues.

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別人になったのは主人ではなく、私だった(シドニー 38歳 女性)



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シャーマニックヒーリングの感想 (シドニー 49歳 女性)

シャーマニックヒーリングのセッションの予約をした時には単に、したことないヒーリングだから楽しみ、という軽い気持ちでした。でも、そのヒーリングの予約の前日に人間関係で不具合が起り、まさにそのヒーリングの日はボロボロな状態だったんです。そして天気も最悪で、大雨でした。ヒーリングはシャーマンのドラムやイーグルの羽などを使って行なわれていまし (more…)

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So much better within days (31yr/Wollongong/female)

Hi Sala,
I’ve been meaning to email you to say thank you so much for your Kinesiology and BMS treatment a few weeks ago when my friend brought me up. I started feeling so much better within days and stopped taking the depression medication at the same time. Due to being so busy with my twin sons i haven’t been able to come back but i hope to some time soon.
I have taken all my drops, and keeping up my afirmations.

You are so amazing sala!, i am so greatful how you have helped me so much.

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Voodoo, advanced science…..but it works (60yr/Sydney/male)

After several months of usually regular fortnightly visits to Sala at Mandala Healing Garden now seems an appropriate time to offer a testimonial of my observations & experiences.

Originally my intent was on finding a reliable effective healer capable of delivering consistent reasonably predictable session results for a range of lifelong limitations & physical problems with no new age gimmicks or questionable modalities involved. (more…)

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Feeling lighter, relaxed and free (57yr/Sydney/male)

The moment my Sound Healing treatment began I had an immediate sense of relief. I felt relaxed, at peace and “at home”. It was as if whatever had been subconsciously troubling me was being gently targeted into submission. After the session the feeling of relaxation continued for the rest of the day and I slept well that night. I believe Sound Healing was able to restore my health to balance on a profoundly deep, core level and would recommend it to anyone. It left me feeling lighter, relaxed and free.

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Sound healing (39yr/Sydney/female)

I have been seeing Sala for almost three years now, mainly as a kinesiologist. I’m a strong believer in the body having a memory and the body being able to hold onto trauma even after the mind has let it go. I had seen other kinesiogists but Sala was the one who enabled my body to finally let go. She is one of those people you (more…)

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