Mental Indigestion

Mental Indigestion
*Excessive thinking while learning / organizing things at work or school.

Mental Diarrhea
*Difficult to absorb ideas, don’t want to think about issues anymore, just pass or throw it into head and forget about it.

Mental Constipation
*Too much ideas or learning to sort out, don’t know where to start *difficult to let go of old ideas or ideals.

They will lead to these conditions: mental fatigue, insomnia, lack of concentration, lack of memory, irritation, stiff shoulders and back, digestive problems, etc.

Emotional Indigestion
*Broken heart
*Difficulty in dealing with own negative emotions(hate, anger, regret, etc.)

Emotional Diarrhea
*Difficult to accept or face the fact as it is; desperate

Emotional Constipation
*Long-term suppressed emotions
*Difficulty in expressing own feelings
*Difficult to let go the issues

They will lead to these conditions: confusion, insomnia, restlessness, apathy, no motivation, tiredness, victimization, etc.

Unbalanced energy in mental and emotional levels will create illness on the physical level. Usual warning signs appear as neck and shoulder stiffness, back pain and swollen legs and of course as digestive problems.