Sala (Therapist/Healer)

Sala Sawada born and raised in Japan. She has resided in Sydney, Australia since 1985. From a young age, Sala has been interested in natural healing methods and it was in Sydney that she further developed her skills and experience in healing herself and others through the use of Crystal Healing, Reiki, Shiatsu, Japanese Anma, Facial Harmony, Homeopathy, Flower Essences and Kinesiology.

Since 1995, Sala has been utilizing Kinesiology to fill the gap between all other healing methods as Kinesiology fits in very well with her knowledge of Eastern Medicine.

During her teens, Sala experienced ailments such as anemia, heavy periods, headaches, knee pains, shoulder pains, lower back pains, constipation, swollen calves and ringing in the ear. It was during this stage of her life when she discovered that Western Medicine and drugs didn’t cure her physical problems but merely suppressed the symptoms. She also suffered side effects as a result. She began seriously thinking about her health and well-being especially after experiencing numbness in her left leg which immobilised her one morning.

Sala then embarked on studying several healing methods and in the process, learnt a lot about herself physically, mentally and emotionally. Through these, she healed herself and has never looked back since. Using her vast experience and skills, Sala would like to share her knowledge and techniques with others who would like to manifest the best of things in life at all levels.