Body Maintenance System (BMS)

Body Maintenance System (BM System) is a special personalised therapy system for maintenance of overall body health. Each person has an individual body system which functions in different ways. Through her years of experience in Natural Therapies, Sala Sowada devised the “BM System” to cater for and heal individual conditions and requirements.

Her unique treatment system is based on Japanese therapeutic massage (“Anma”), Shiatsu, Kinesiology and Reiki principles. The “BM System” stimulates muscles, meridian lines and the energy (Ki, Chi or Qi) of the body. It is a successful alternative treatment for releasing stress from the face and body thus promoting relaxation. It also clears the mind dispels fears, rids phobias and clears emotional imbalances. Busy people who have no time to look after themselves will find this treatment very beneficial.

The “BM System” is a gentle and effective healing technique involving stimulation, massage and the application of pressure to special points on the body that correspond to various physical functions and organs. It is based on the ancient belief that energy (Ki) flows through meridians or channels in the body and that negative emotions which are stored in muscles create the blockage of energy flow.

The body is an organic matter which needs regular maintenance much like the way we look after our gardens by removing weeds (stress), watering and fertilizing to maintain good condition (energy).

Self-knowledge about the condition of your body and mind is very important for connecting and coping with external events and conditions that may otherwise overwhelm and distress you. It is essential to find and maintain a healthy equilibrium (harmony) with yourself and outside factors or other people.

One of the best ways to learning and discovering your individual body condition is to take time off for regular bodywork treatment sessions. This is highly effective for those prone to stress, tension, anxiety, tight muscles, exhaustion and a host of other problems.

Before the treatment, a person is usually worn down with tight muscles and exhaustion. During the session, you will learn how to recognise mental and emotional stress factors that you have been going through. You will be given guidance on how to deal with these negative conditions and how to avoid stress. Upon completion of the session, you will come away feeling light-hearted and at peace with yourself and others.

During the course of a treatment session, you may have “out of body experiences” or simply fall asleep. A combination of gentle touch and firm pressure is applied to the body, arms, legs, face and head to release physical and mental tensions while toning the muscles and cells.

Through the “BM System” you will get to understand and know the conditions of your body, mind and spirit. At the same time, you will undergo energy transforming experiences that will serve you well into the future. The beneficial results will be visible on your face and body after the first session.

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