Personalised Treatments

Journey of inner self
=to be who you want to be, not what others expected you to be=

Bio-computer Maintenance
This form of alternative treatment is ideal for those who are highly vulnerable to stress, constantly drained of energy due to work and caring for children, relatives and friends who are unwell. Bio-computer Maintenance treatment assists in the following:

* Removing detrimental, unwanted and unnecessary thoughts from the memory bank
* Developing skills in dealing with everyday stress in a healthy way
* Ridding lethargy, chronic fatigue and exhaustion
* Correcting learning disabilities
* Clearing emotional and energy imbalances
* Stopping procrastination in getting things done

Symptoms can be improved

Chronic Symptoms

* Tension and pain * Headaches * Migraine * Swelling * Insomnia * Asthma * Allergies * Weight loss * Weight gain


* For particular types of personalities * Claustrophobia * Acrophobia * Agoraphobia * Fear of animals, darkness, fire, water and other elements * Anxiety and uncertainty


* Cigarettes * Alcohol * Drugs * Caffeine * Gambling * Compulsive shopping * Obsession with perfection

Self Improvement

Note: Character is a habit of reaction towards others and yourself. * Lack of confidence * Lack of self-esteem * Enable self-expression * Short temper * Doubtfulness * Excessive worry * Anxiety * Panic attacks * Depression


* Negative feelings towards your partner or another person * Worrying about other people’s reactions * Difficulty in saying “No” to others *feel guilty after said “NO” * Repeating unsatisfying intimate relationships * Letting go when a relationship is over

Childhood Trauma

* Clear and balance past traumas which are in your conscious or subconscious cellular memory.

Past Life (Recall the tasks and messages from past lives)

* Learn to understand the reason why you are here on this planet at this particular time.
* Clear traumatic memories from past lives that prevent you from growing and moving forward.

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