Sound healing (39yr/Sydney/female)

I have been seeing Sala for almost three years now, mainly as a kinesiologist. I’m a strong believer in the body having a memory and the body being able to hold onto trauma even after the mind has let it go. I had seen other kinesiogists but Sala was the one who enabled my body to finally let go. She is one of those people you meet, and know they are living and doing the very thing they were born to do. Recently, i have tried Sala’s SOUND HEALING. It is a chance for my body and mind to let go at the same time, and this important for a person who thinks allot, and I think allot. During these sessions i am able to physically and mentally drift into a deep relaxation. I feel my body moving through things, letting go and when i try to hold onto those feelings with my thoughts, i cant, even if i really, really concentrate. I guess its the vibrations gently shaking my thoughts away. Even days after i can still feel the gentle effects of the sound waves vibrating through my body. It’s like my body is massaging itself from the inside out.